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Any school is so much more than the parents, children and teachers: there as so many more people working behind the scenes and are not always visible. We have a dedicated team at St Dominic’s, with everyone working together to ensure that all children are able to receive the best quality educational experiences as possible and the work and commitment of these people is much valued and appreciated.

  • Our cleaners play a vital role in ensuring the learning environments are fresh and stimulating and their consistent hard work and dedication evident throughout the school.
  • Our site supervisor ensures that the school grounds are well tended and in order, as well as carrying out repairs and improvements when needed.
  • Our caretaker ensures that the school building is secure and looks after our safety and maintenance needs.
  • Our lunchtime supervisors provide structured play activities during lunch time, as well as tending to First Aid.
  • Our catering staff ensure that meals are served on time and to a high standard, providing a healthy and balanced diet for our children.
  • Our classroom helpers provide additional support for children’s learning and are a valuable resource for our school.