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March 2017

Parental Questionnaire Results March 2017

68 questionnaires returned – 33%

Teaching and Learning Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don’t Know
1 My child likes school 57% 35% 6% 1%
2 My child is making good progress ( feels they are getting better at reading writing or maths) 38% 54% 7%
3 I am kept well informed about how my child is getting on (parents evening, reports) 25% 65% 7% 3%
4 Teaching is good and helps my child make progress ( your child talks about their teacher/work/activities in school) 44% 46% 6% 4%
5 I know about the cursive handwriting policy. 29% 46% 13% 4% 7%
School Ethos
6 The school has a positive atmosphere (pupils are valued, encouraged to participate in school life, supportive) 40% 46% 9% 3% 3%
7 The school expects my child to work hard and do his or her best (encouragement, child works hard at school) 50% 49% 1%
8 My child is not bullied at school (you or your child are able to talk to school if they were being bullied, pupils can talk to teachers/teaching assistants, circle time supports opportunities for pupils to discuss concerns) 41% 50% 6% 3%
9 Pupils at the school behave well ( you think your child behaves well, you think his/her friends behave well, general behaviour) 31% 65% 4%
10 The school is helping my child become mature and independent (child gets on with other children, gets on with adults, child has good attitude to school learning, Y 5 & Y6 residential visits) 34% 57% 3% 3% 3%
11 The school reflects the ethos and practices of a Catholic School (see the church ethos in action e.g. in

celebrations, church services, kind children,

staff role models, environment, charity fundraising)

42% 48% 4% 6%
12 The school helps people of different backgrounds to get on well, both within school and the wider community 34% 44% 1% 22%
13 My child knows and can say a number of prayers

( e.g. school prayer, our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be etc)

45% 52% 1% 3%
14 The school seeks the views of parents and takes account of their suggestions 18% 43% 13% 7% 19%
15 I feel comfortable about approaching the school with questions or a problem or complaint (you get a friendly service from the office staff, Head & you feel confident to talk to your child’s teacher) 50% 34% 13% 3%
16 The school is led and managed well (regular information, website, newsletters, text service, school development e.g. school environment, learning environments) 32% 50% 10% 3% 4%
17 Parents and visitors are made welcome when visiting school for assemblies, productions, Masses or meetings 40% 56% 3% 1%
18 I would recommend the school to others 51% 31% 3% 15%
Communication Yes No
19 My child gets regular homework and I know when it needs to be completed by. 93% 7%
20 I find the text and email service useful 94% 6%
21 Would you like to become involved in the PTFA? 35% 65%
22 The Governors (Academy Representatives) are considering introducing smart, tailored, grey trousers as an alternative to a skirt. They are interested in your opinion on this.

Would you like this to be a choice?

67% 28%
Why do you think that St. Dominic’s is a ‘good’ school? (what are our school’s greatest strengths?)


‘There seems to be a good sense of ‘community’ and ‘togetherness’.’

‘My child is very happy here and has had a special bond with teachers.’

‘strong school identity, good discipline.’

‘strong sense of a Catholic community, strong vision in terms of delivering a varied curriculum.’

‘Children are very well behaved with emphasis placed on good manners. Small and friendly school – the headmistress and staff are very visible and approachable.’

‘Breadth of the curriculum is very good.’

‘I have no doubt at all that my little boy is well cared for and is very happy. He loves school and is making fantastic progress – Couldn’t ask for more!’

‘warm friendly atmosphere, caring attitude of the staff’

‘I like that all the staff know all the pupils.’

‘My children like school. They make really good progress, staff are always very helpful and kind.’

‘The reception class is an asset – the staff work hard to keep the children learning whilst having fun.’

‘Introduction of second hand uniform sales is very useful.’

‘Be Active sessions after school provide good opportunities for children.’

‘Before and after school Dominoes club is extremely useful and accommodating.’

‘standards of behaviour are high’

‘caring, loving environment’

‘The school feels like a family and the children really like that.’

‘All teachers are very enthusiastic and dedicated to teaching the children whilst encouraging Catholic values and respect for each other. Teachers genuinely care and know the pupils individually.’

‘Promotion of Catholic ethos and values, caring and encouraging staff, recognition of pupils’ achievements, sense of community.’

‘Friendly environment, positive attitude, provides good education.’

‘Lovely, warm, approachable staff.’

‘Great school, consistent – parents know what is going on and the teachers are approachable.’

‘Happy pupils’

‘Very well lead, excellent teachers, friendly and welcoming.’


‘Good relationships between teachers and teaching assistants.’

‘Good links with the church and wider community. The school has a positive ethos and high expectations.’

‘Feels homely – children are settled.’

‘Values and ethics of the school are strong – supported well by nice parents. I feel that my child is very safe at this school and I do not fear bullying.’

‘We really like the school and wish you went on until 16 years old!’

‘positive, well-managed school environment’

‘Children seem friendly, happy and polite. There is a strong school spirit through regular events and activities and a strong identity link to the church.’

‘There is a Christian atmosphere within the school from the support of the staff, teachers, parents and children.’

‘Dominoes is excellent – especially the management.’

‘Breadth of the curriculum is very good.’

‘Good ethos. Within the ‘Golden Rules’ children respect each other and work hard. Good communication between school and parents.’

‘Good environment’

‘Children go to mass regularly’

‘Teaching staff are very enthusiastic and willing to meet parents with queries.’

What area do we need to work on to make our school even better?


‘There seems a confusing mix of letters, texts, twitter, website and emails and not one single source of all information’

‘more after school clubs’

‘more use of online homework at home’

‘more sports and drama’

‘more support/encouragement for staff and parents to join the PTFA.’

‘more arts and crafts’

‘Prefer for parents to bring children into class in a morning.’

‘Communication of teaching methods to parents to enable us to help our children at home (maths).’

‘better promotion of school’

‘more communication of pupil progress’

‘More focus on results above ‘expected’ towards ‘exceeding’.’

‘Clearer communication on homework requirements.’

‘more outdoor work’

‘More communication about what my child will be learning, and parents invited to more assemblies. Class sponsored events for more resources.’

‘Better use of homework diaries. Slightly more notice of events i.e. Costume days.’

‘school didn’t do red nose day’

‘keep girls skirts to the knee, and summer dresses from one shop’

‘re-introduce chess club’


What else would you like to see improve?


‘school lunches… encourage the children to make more rounded choices’

‘sports facilities’

‘would be nice to have a ‘grassed area’ of some sort if it were possible’

‘more parent assemblies’

‘Try to get a male teacher as it is a real shame there is currently no male teacher at the school’

‘more up-to-date information on the website’

‘text reminders of events would be useful’

‘less focus on writing’

‘set meals for children’

‘second-hand school uniform sales outside of school hours’

‘play area for key stage 2’



We thank all the parents who responded to our recent questionnaire. The school council,
Governors and school staff use the questionnaires to help support us in our continued school
improvement work. We value all the comments received, although it is not always possible to
address all of the matters raised.
Please find outlined below the areas we will be looking to address in the coming year alongside
explanations for some of the areas and what we currently do.


Focus for 2017-2018 in response to questionnaires
Visitors would
like us to …
The School are considering…
Communication All school communications are sent out by parentmail to save on paper and printing. The main source of communication is the fortnightly school newsletter. Additional reminders or information only relevant to individual classes or groups of children are sent out when necessary, and occasionally these are in the form of a printed letter. Twitter is only used for reminders that have already been sent out in the newsletter. Any parent wishing to receive a printed copy of the newsletter may request this from the office. The newsletters are on the school website.

All current newsletters will now be displayed in the main school Reception and some additional copies will be available from there.

Homework The homework schedule did change mid-year due to the introduction of “mini-maths”, which has been very effective.

You will be sent your child’s new homework schedule by parentmail and they will be available on individual class areas of the school website.

The use of homework diaries as a source of communication about children’s learning will be developed this year.

Extra-Curricular opportunities We are looking to develop extra-curricular for pupils during the year. It is likely that some opportunities will be offered on a half-term/termly basis.
School dinners Mrs Stokes has met with the Stoke City Council catering manager regarding parent feedback about school dinners. Some modifications have been agreed. Staff and governors will monitor dinners throughout the year and discuss them with the school council.
Curriculum information/teaching strategies Curriculum information will be updated on the school website.

Curriculum information sessions will be planned for next academic year to share teaching approaches/strategies with parents.


  1. “Open door policy and lining up of classes at the beginning of the school day.” Safeguarding of children is the primary concern with the way that the beginning of the school day is organised. The priority at the beginning of the school day must be to ensure the safety and security of the children. To do this, the register must be done in a timely manner to ensure that all children are accounted for. The school site must also be secured and all persons on site signed in and accounted for. It is not manageable or conducive to settling children down to work for the school day if parents bring children inside school and talk to teachers for indefinite periods of time. This delays the register, early morning work and classes getting into assembly on time. Teachers are happy to receive short messages from parents as children are handed over in the line. Any further or longer conversations are better conducted when the teachers are not in charge of their classes. Informal appointments with teachers can be made by asking the teacher at the beginning of the day for a convenient time to be arranged, through the office or by writing a short note in the homework diaries. Staff are always happy to give parents a ring if you get a message to them requesting a call.


  1. More extra-curricular activities – the school offers a range of afterschool activities some provided by external companies and some

provided by the staff. Any afterschool activities provided by school staff and provided by the staff kindly giving up their own time and

using their skills and interests. Staff have to balance the time they can provide alongside planning and organising for their class

teaching time. We are very grateful to the staff for all the time they provide for out of school activities. We continue to look for ways

to increase our after school opportunities for the children

  1. Text reminders- the school uses both the test reminder service and email to ensure that parents are kept up-to-date with events and information. Please can we ask that you ensure that you keep the school administration team updated with any changes of number or email addresses to keep the system running smoothly. If you feel you do not receive the text or emails please contact the school office as soon as possible to rectify the situation.


  1. Information to help parents with children’s learning at home- we are aware that parents do not always know the strategies used in

school in particular in maths, and we are looking to plan parent information sessions during the year. Any power point

presentations that we use for parent information sessions will be published on our website following the event.


  1. All parents and teachers are automatically members of the PTFA, and are very welcome to come to any or all meetings and to support any events that they are able to. Staff support the PTFA by supporting events that usually take place outside of the school day. Some staff also attend PTFA meetings and others volunteer to supervise children whilst meetings are taking place. The work and support of the PTFA is extremely valuable to the school. In the future we will try to give as much notice as possible of meetings. Please come along either by yourself or bring a friend!


  1. Charity fundraising. The children, parents and staff of the school are very generous in raising lots of money for charities. The school council has input into deciding on charity events and where the children would like money to go to. We are conscious as a school that you do an incredible amount to support others and we try to balance fundraising with what is manageable in school and also with working within the church year – during key liturgical seasons we have focus charities (The local food bank during Harvest, Cafod during Advent, The Diocesan Lenten charity Father Hudson’s, during May being the month of Mary, mother of Jesus where we honour her with flowers and plants that we plant around our school.) and additionally last year there was the MacMillan coffee morning – organised by school staff and supported by generous donations from parents. As a school we raise money during Lent for Father Hudson’s, which is the reason why we do not do Comic Relief. We also have our PTFA chocolate bingo during this period. Last year, Comic Relief day was on the same day as our PTFA chocolate bingo. For the non-uniform option on that day the children who had Comic relief t-shirts wore them to school as well as their noses, which was a lovely joint venture. It would not have been fair of the school to have asked for two lots of charity donations on that day.