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Autumn 23 vehicle -Everyone Needs a Hero

Spring 24 vehicle - Creatures Great and Small

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My mind is important, and so is yours! So is everybody's actually. We have spent the afternoon looking at how to take care of our minds through yoga and exercise. We've decorated our own positivity pants as a little reminder to always look on the bright side and have explored different strategies to look out for each other. 

Remember, your voice matters.


Everyone Needs a Hero

This term reception have been learning what it takes to be a hero, how we are all heroes in our own way, and who some of our local heroes are! We have linked our Catholic Social Teaching values of Solidarity and The Common Good by thinking more deeply about how we belong to each other how nobody should be excluded from the gifts of creation.


We have had special visits from a GB athlete, a local nurse and Pete the Postman- all heroic figures in our community. 



A Cracking Good Read summer 23

Reception's Spring Term Vehicle has been 'A Cracking Good Read', reviewing our most favourite stories, exploring lifecycles, learning the care that is needed to look after God's animals, and nurturing our own baby chicks. At the end of the Term, we invited some of our family members in to share our stories with. Take a look at our photos to see some of our milestones.

Dreams Under Construction!

Our Autumn vehicle was called 'Dreams Under Construction'. As we began our school year at St Dominic's Catholic Primary School, we were all exploding with different goals and achievements for the future. Our vehicle helped us to look closer at some of our dreams more closely. We had a special visit from Nurse Tracy, a workshop with dentists from Abbey House Dental Practice, participated in our own mini triathlon with a GB athlete and had a visit from Postman Pete at the end of term who helped us post our letters to Santa.

Peak Wildlife Park

Whats in the Egg?

Reception class continued their vehicle journey with a trip to Peak National Wildlife Park. They were able to get up close to the penguins which included experiencing feeding time and understanding and how they are cared for.  

World Book Day

Vehicle Outcome - Autumn 2021

We created a calendar to celebrate our real life Superhero’s in the community. 

Mrs Williams' story

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Welcome to Reception Class September 2021

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Dominic bear is waiting for you to join him in Reception class

Vehicle outcome Summer 2021

How Does You Garden Grow?


The Reception children have had a fantastic time this term learning all about what grows in our gardens. We have hunted for insects, learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly and become expert gardeners. We raised £60 for CAFOD in our playground plant sale and learnt how we can put the biggest smile on a face by growing a tiny seed. 

How does your garden grow?

The children enjoyed a virtual gardening lesson from our expert Mrs Gurman.

They then set to work planting seedlings and pots just like she showed us.

Happy, healthy ME

Dr. Bingham filmed a virtual tour around the Air ambulance and hospital. He provided a range of items so that although he was not in the room the children were able to look at and touch the items in a safe way.

We all learnt about keeping healthy and the types of things our NHS heroes do every day.