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Here at St Dominic’s we develop our children's learning of the subject through exciting and practical ways. Our learning is taught through a curriculum vehicle alongside other curriculum subjects which encourages children to learn together. 

Look at the exciting things we are working on this term in our school.


The Early Years – Happy, Healthy, Me.

The Reception children start their creative journey by making lots of mess and experimentation, which can make us very happy! We are painting the things that make us happy during our vehicle and learning about self-portraits.

Our focus artist this Vehicle is Pablo Picasso.


Year 1 – Hugs in Mugs

Year 1 are currently learning about the creativity of the Stoke-on-Trent pottery industry. They will learn about the 'best of the best' in this industry, from Josiah Wedgwood to Emma Bridgewater.

Their focus artist during this Vehicle is William Morris.


Year 2 – Animal Alley

Year 2 are currently learning about different animals to help them with their work to make an ‘Animal Alley’.

Their focus artist this Vehicle is Henri Rousseau and his painting. “Tiger in a Tropical Storm”.


Year 3 – All Wrapped up!

Year 3 are currently learning about the early civilization, Ancient Egypt. They have learnt about other early civilizations and Tutankhamun.  In art they will be developing skills to support their Story sack Vehicle outcome. Their focus artist this Vehicle is David Hockney.


Year 4 – Stones and Bones

Year 4 are currently taking a historical trip through the Stone Age to Iron Age. The children are developing their art skills by looking at the earliest of creativity by cavemen and then looking at art on walls has changed with their focus artist Banksy.


Year 5 – Sing for Victory

Year 5 are currently learning about World War II. Their focus artist is Winston Churchill (Yes! Not only a great leader but an accomplished artist.)


Year 6 – The Ruling Romans

Year 6 are currently learning about the growth of the Roman Empire and its impact on the world then and now. The children will begin by studying Roman mosaics. They will then design their own patterns for drinks coasters and plates.