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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Autumn Vehicle 2021

Our Autumn Vehicle, ‘Animal Adventures’ is looking at local animals and how they survive in the wild. Working alongside outdoor centres, such as Wolseley Bridge (Entrust), the children will be tasked in designing and making bird feeders to help our local birds during the cold winter months. 

Our trip to Wolseley Bridge linked in with our current Vehicle and Science Units. The children looked at the habitats of animals (particularly the local birds) and the watery wildlife within the grounds. They explored the animal’s food habits and what the local birds needs to survive in the wild. Later in the day the children took part in an art style session where they will use their surroundings to create some beautiful pieces of natural art. 

The Vehicle Outcome morning arrived and the children made their bird feeders using all of the ingredients from their own research.

Vehicle outcome Summer 2021

Year 2 had a wonderful time last week completing their London Fun Run for CAFOD. We have managed to raise over £100! 

Animal Alley

Today Year 2 had an animal themed day for our vehicle 'Animal Alley'. We had such a great day doing animal themed work and making our own finger puppets! We can't wait to decorate them next week to take home to our families!