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As a core subject, science is given a high priority here at St Dominic’s. It is recognised as an active, practical subject and children are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through first-hand experience where ever possible. Throughout our school, we are using and adapting our MAC Scheme of work, which is allowing children to delve deep into their own scientific way of thinking. The Science Curriculum covers the following areas: scientific enquiry, life processes and living things, materials and their properties, physical processes.

The Science Curriculum

Science Curriculum Statement

National Curriculum

Spring Term - '24


Reception have explored seasonal change and the impact this has on God's planet. We have used different materials to create a pictorial representation of how our seasons change and what it looks like.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about good hygiene. We asked one child from each table to put their hand in glitter and shake hands with other children so we could see how far it can spread - just like germs! We then learnt how to properly wash our hands and discussed the importance of washing your hands regularly.

Year 3 

In Year 3, we have been learning that surfaces which create high levels of friction make it harder to move across them and that magnetic forces act at a distance.

Examples of Children's Recent Work - Autumn 2023

Year 1

We have been learning about materials having different properties.

Year 2

We have been learning about different materials and why objects are made from specific materials.

Year 3

We have been learning all about animals. Those that have spines are called vertebrates and those without spines are called invertebrates. 

Year 4

We have been learning about the jobs that our different teeth have. We have also learnt about producers, prey and predators within a food chain. 

Year 5

We have been learning about forces, in particular, Friction and how some surfaces have more friction than others. 

Year 6

We have been learning about classifying plants based on how they disperse their seeds.