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British Science Week 2021

5th March - 14th March

Innovating for our Future


First, we discovered that people were polluting our world’s water. When we looked in the jug we found plastic bags, toys and lots of rubbish. We then made a filter to take away some of the rubbish. This worked really well!!

Then we learnt how factories clean our water using different materials.



Year 1

For science week, Year 1 children learned where the colour blue came from. The children then experimented with natural objects to see what colour paint they could make. 



Year 2

Year 2 did an experiment to see if the appearance of food affects the taste. We thought regular carrots and wonky carrots taste the same! We also thought the baby carrots looked very cute but we didn’t like the taste. We concluded that the appearance of food does not affect the taste! Let’s make less waste to keep our planet healthy for the future!



Year 3

For Year 3’s Science Week, we looked at a range of different inventors.

Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor of the Telephone

Thomas Edison - Inventor of the Light Blub


The children then designed and invented their own machines for a cleaner and tidier future.



Year 4

For science week, Year 4 had a specialist dental nurse talk to us about how important it is to look after our teeth and why it is difficult for those with manual dexterity problems (problems with their hands). We used our innovation skills to design inventions to make maintaining good oral health easier for those with manual dexterity problems.



Year 5

Year 5 looked at classrooms of the past, present and future. We thought about the changes that have and will occur, as well as our own experience. We looked at some videos of the past and discussed how our images could be made into a film too, showing the changes.



Year 6

For our British Science Week focus, Year 6 have been investigating what is meant by ‘Herd Immunity’.

Task One

We played a game of lucky dip! In the bag were yellow and red cubes: if we pulled out a yellow cube we were in luck – we had been vaccinated! However, if we pulled out a red cube unfortunately meant that we had caught the virus!


Task Two

Acting as a virus and using stickers to represent vaccinated people we had to find out what happened to ‘the herd’ as we infected people.

Luckily for our community, the vaccination programme rolled out across the community and the second time we tried to spread our virus we didn’t manage to infect many people!